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July 8, 2010 - Susan's Elastic Top and Capris

Susan's Elastic Top and Capris
Designed by Susan Whitman, co-owner of Children’s Corner retail store with Sonya Webster

  1. Use Ό” seam allowances.
  2.  Use 1 width of fabric – 55” wide Liberty of London or 60” lawn.  If using a heavier weight fabric, use 45” of fabric.
  3. Decide on length of top (sample garment is a tunic length) – see chart on right for suggested lengths.  Please measure your child – this tunic length is halfway between the crotch and the knee (as shown with leggings).
  1. Calculating length of skirt part of tunic:  From finished length, subtract strap distance (measurement from top of shoulder to top of underarm).  This should be about 5” to 6” depending on your size.  (This 5” – 6” will be half of finished strap length across shoulder from front to back.) Then, add 2 Ύ” for hem and top casing.  This is the length of fabric to cut. Example – Finished length for a size 5 is 21”.  21”(finished length) – 5”(strap distance) + 2 Ύ” (hem and casing) = 18 Ύ” (length of fabric to cut)
  1. With right sides together, stitch side seam.  Serge or overcast this seam and press to one side.  As there is only have one seam, place seam in center back.
  2. Serge or overcast top edge of tunic skirt to finish raw edge.
  3. Fold down top edge 1 Ύ” and stitch in a ⅜” wide casing next to serged edge, leaving a small opening.  This will leave a ruffle with a width of about 1 Ό” at top of tunic skirt.
  1. Run Ό” wide elastic through casing and stitch elastic ends together.  Stitch up opening left in casing
  2. Serge or overcast bottom edge to finish raw edge.
  3. Fold up 1” for hem and press. Topstitch in place.  Press again.
  1. Calculating length to cut for straps:  Take the strap distance (measurement from top of shoulder to top of underarm) and multiply times 2.  This gives you your finished strap length.  Multiply this by 1 ½  or 1 Ύ depending on weight of fabric. Cut two straps this long (this will probably be about 18” – 21”.) by 3” wide.
  2. Fold strap in half with right sides together. Stitch down long edge Ό” from raw edges.  Trim seam, turn and press.
  3. Sew a 3/8” wide casing down center of strap.
  4. Run Ό” wide elastic through casing.  Tack elastic at one end and draw up elastic until strap is desired length (Example strap finished length is 12”). Then tack elastic at other end of strap.
  5. Topstitch straps to inside of top at top of tunic casing.
Use Kwik Sew Pattern #3476 or #3501 and shorten legging to capri length, if desired.
Top full pic
Sample is a Size 5-6,
made with 55" wide Liberty.

Suggested Tunic Lengths
(please measure your child!)
1 - 15"
2 - 16 ½"
3 - 18"
4 - 20"
5 - 21"
6 - 23"
7 - 24"
8 - 25"

Top close-up



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