Remnant: 2yd Geo Butterfly

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Geogami by Jay-Cyn designs for Birch Fabrics is inspired by popular modern designs using geometric shapes that are constantly trending in fashion and home. 

Why organic fabric? (from Birch Fabrics) The most notable difference between organic cotton and regular cotton is that the cotton is grown without the use of harmful pesticides. To be considered 100% organic, our cotton has to meet a very strict approval process. Birch Fabrics believes with proper care, organic cotton will actually last longer than traditional cotton because it has not been subject to chemicals such as formaldehyde, and metals, that inevitably alter the quality of the cotton.

Fiber Content: 100% organic cotton
Fabric Type: quilt-weight poplin
Width: 45”
Designer: Jay Cyn
Collection: Geogami
Product #: GO-04-BLUSH