Katina Regatta Pre-Pleated Kit

Children's Corner Store

$ 58.00

Katina is a simple & stylish dress perfect for your little one and easy to make! Guess what?! You can wait to do your smocking until after you construct! If you need some guidance, check out the sew along for how to sew this Smocked Katina! Use the smocking plate of your choice or start with the plate found in the Katina pattern!

Kits are one size and will work with any size of Katina!

This kit includes:

  • The pre-pleated fabric (9 rows of pleating on each end of the fabric for the front and back skirts)
  • Patriotic Regatta smocking plate
  • Skeins of expertly matched floss
  • 2 Buttons
  • Cording for Piping

The Children's Corner Katina pattern is sold separately and is available in print and digital download!