OLIVIA 5.18.24

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Do you provide pleating services?

We do pleat fabric for bishops and straight yoke sections. Online we offer pleated inserts. If you desire other items to be pleated, call us at 615-292-1746 to arrange for your pleating services.

I am interested in a digital download product, how does that work?

We offer digital downloads for some of our patterns. See our digital download policy & FAQs for more information.

Can I pay for a class project and not attend the class?

It depends on the class. Our teachers design garments specifically for the classroom. The process our designers take to bring a mass produced pattern to market is both time consuming and labor intensive. Therefore, many of the designs are only available in our classroom setting. If, however, a teacher agrees to sell her work, you will pay the class fee and receive by mail patterns and instruction sheets used during class.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

You will pay sales tax if your items are being shipped to Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, or Louisiana or purchased in-person at our store.





Are your colors accurate in photos?

We photograph our products in natural light whenever possible and we scan our fabrics. If we use lighting equipment, our goal is to achieve as natural look as possible. While it is our desire to represent the most accurate color possible, we cannot guarantee a color match due to the variety of computer screens and monitors showing you the images. Please call us with any questions.


What is your return policy?

Please see our return policy.


Do you send samples?

For fabric, you can order as little as an 1/8 yard for a sample. 


If my order contains a back-order, when will the other items in my order ship?

For orders with an item that is back-ordered, you will be notified in a separate email. In most cases we will split your order and ship the back-ordered item(s) separately. Credit cards are charged at the time the items are shipped. 


How can I sign up for the newsletter/weekly email?

Click here to sign up for our emails to stay up to date on sale, new fabric, patterns and more!



Where can I find How To videos?

Help videos are available for the more complex steps in some of our patterns.

Where can I find Children's Corner Patterns?

We love our many Brick & Mortar shops across the country. See here for a complete lists of shops that sell our patterns.

How can I get help as I sew a Children's Corner Patterns?

We would be happy to help you in any way, please contact us or call us at 800-543-6915.

What size pattern should I sew?

While children come in many shapes and sizes, we have created a size measurement chart to help you identify which size pattern will best fit your model.

What are some tips for downloading your digital patterns?

We are excited to offer a select number of our sewing patterns as digital downloads. In addition to this format, we will also remain committed to printing on tissue as has been our practice for our 40+ year history. See here for more information.

I have heard a certain pattern is discontinued, can you help me find it?

We love the classic patterns too! Unfortunately, we are usually the first to run out of pattern styles and do not have extras on hand. Many times you can find discontinued patterns at our many Brick & Mortar shops across the country. We also encourage you to try sites such as Etsy or Facebook groups for individuals who may be selling from their personal stash.

Would you redraft a pattern in a specific size?

Grading patterns is an expertise-level skill. We encourage you to work with your local shop and trained instructors to achieve these specific needs.

Where are my skirt patterns?

Many times, the instructions describe how large to cut that piece. It is shown on the cutting layout due to the size of the piece(s), to be sure you allow space. Children's Corner patterns Katina does not have actual pattern pieces for the skirts. The instructions describe the size to cut for each skirt. This decision was made to maximize the number of pattern sizes offered in Katina.

Where is my neck/sleeve-band, placket, or sash pattern piece?

Many times, the instructions describe how large to cut that piece. It is shown on the cutting layout due to the size of the piece(s), to be sure you allow space.

Other pattern companies print pattern pieces on white paper, why are yours on tissue?

We love using tissue. It affords us the opportunity to offer each size and pattern piece on its own, without stacking them. When patterns are stacked, you must trace the size you are making. With our patterns on tissue, you open your pattern and cut out the size pieces you need and begin to sew! Tissue has served the patternmaking industry for decades, and we agree with its superior quality.


If you need our images for marketing and your website, we are happy to provide! Email us and we can get you what you need.