Learn to Sew Series

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Video Lesson Bundle
Are you wanting to learn to sew or improve some skills?! This video series was created just for you. For more than 40 years, as we design our patterns we work from a certain set of techniques. Once you know them, you can tackle any of our patterns. The Learn to Sew videos are meant to put you in the classroom with Susan. With our easy-to-use videos, you can skip to any section in the video and watch as many times as you need as you create a sample for each technique to fill the pages of your own sewing resource guide.

This product includes:

4 Full-Length Streamable Video Lessons (6+ hours of content)
PDF File to print for your Resource Binder + Samples

Learn to Sew: 1 Thimble
Run Time2 Hours 53 minutes
Teacher: Susan Whitman & Emily Douglas
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Learn to Sew: 2 Thimbles
Run Time: 1 hour 23 minutes
Teacher: Susan Whitman
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Learn to Sew: 3 Thimbles
Run Time: 1 hour 6 minutes
Teacher: Susan Whitman
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Learn to Sew: 4 Thimbles
Run Time: 1 hour 10 minutes
Teacher: Susan Whitman
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What is a Video Lesson?

When you purchase the video lesson, you gain access to this on-demand video that you can view anytime convenient for you. Watch, pause, and rewind as many times as necessary as you learn from our talented educators. Printable PDF materials accompany the video lesson to supplement the information on screen. Pay once and view forever.

Video Lesson Details & Content Policy

Our on-demand videos are streamed and not downloaded to your computer due to the size of the file. Our video content is the property of Children’s Corner and is intended for personal use by the original purchaser only and may not be shared, copied, or used for class purposes. Children’s Corner reserves the right to deactivate the link without notice if the link or content is not used in accordance with our company policies.

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