The Children's Corner has been providing sewing education for more than four decades. Whether you've called us on the phone or stood across our sewing counter, it is our joy to help you learn how to complete beautiful garments. Three years ago, we created a blog, the Corner Stitch, as a resource for you to fine-tune your sewing skills. Forced to temporarily close our doors in March 2020 due to the pandemic, we were committed to finding ways to remain connected to our customers across the globe. Through this, birthed the idea of the Children's Corner Academy, a robust platform filled with learning opportunities for sewers of all skill levels and locations around the world.

Children's Corner Academy offers content online in an on-demand format as well as online events. Once it is safe, we will continue to offer learning opportunities in-person in our store classroom. Don't know where to start? Learn by skill level.

On-Demand Offerings

Learn at your own pace.

Video Lessons

Robust lessons taught by one of our talented teachers and designers. When you purchase the lesson, you gain access to this on-demand video that you can view anytime convenient for you. Watch, pause, and rewind as many times as necessary as you learn from our talented educators. Printable PDF materials accompany the video lesson to supplement the information on screen. Pay once and view forever.

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Cornerstitch Blog

Our blog is filled with content about our patterns and notions we sell in our retail shop. You will find step by step tutorials and many videos. We also tell many of the stories that helped to mold us into the company we are today. You will see some of the sweet faces behind the names of our patterns.

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Sew Alongs

Free videos packed with techniques. View these videos on your time, and as many times as you would like. When we release a new Sew Along, look for an opportunity to chatter about your project on our Facebook pattern group. It is so fun to sew with a friend (even virtually), isn’t it?

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Online Event Offerings

Learn via video conference.

Online Sewing School

An intensive 3+ days of instruction led by talented teachers from around the globe taught over a live video conference call.

Online Sit & Sew

An open sew event where you join a virtual conference call with fellow sewers where a teacher is ready to answer specific questions you have about your unique project.

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In-Person Offerings

Learn in our classroom.


We offer a wide variety of classes, from traditional heirloom sewing and smocking to new, updated techniques and patterns perfect for casual looks taught by experienced teachers and designers such as Bonnie Myszka, Trisha Smith, and Susan Whitman.

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Sewing School

Among our favorite programs are the sewing schools we host at our shop in Nashville. In addition to the knowledge our students gain in the classroom, the atmosphere of laughter and exchange of ideas fills our shop. In our expanded and well-equipped classroom, students have the opportunity to learn from the top teachers from around the world.

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Sit & Sew

Open sews where you join a classroom of fellow sewers where a teacher is ready to answer specific questions you have about your unique project.

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Don't Know Where to Start?

Use these graphics to help navigate your curriculum.

Easy (1 Thimble)

Ideal for beginners who have taken a class, are comfortable with a sewing machine and have completed a few small projects. For more experienced sewers, these are patterns that are fast and simple to put together. Most have no collar, sleeves, or gathering required. Sewing basics are all the knowledge that is needed. In addition, help videos are available for the more complex steps in some of these patterns.

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Moderate (2 Thimbles)

Great for beginners who have taken a few classes and/or have completed a few beginner projects. Many may have sleeves, collars and gathers. Find extra support on our blog.

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Advanced (3 Thimbles)

For confident sewers who are looking for a challenge to expand their sewing technique knowledge. Many of these patterns include ruffles, round yokes and more complex techniques. Try one of our adaptations or mash-ups, found on the blog!

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Expert (4 Thimbles)

For highly experienced sewers. These patterns are primarily heirloom style patterns and were first published 20 to 25 years ago. At that time, most sewers had grown up learning sewing from a family member or in a home-economics class. Therefore, these patterns assume a greater knowledge of and experience with sewing, so the instructions are not as detailed. Smocking or extensive handsewing is considered expert. When a pattern has a smocking view, and an unsmocked view, the rating refers to the construction difficulty, not including the smocking. Our blog is a great reference for technique videos and find new ways to use your patterns!

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