Surfboards Pink

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We're GOIN' SURFIN'! It's a HEAT WAVE out there! Grab the SURF BOARDS; we'll strap them onto the (SURF) VAN. I can't wait to feel the BEACH SAND under my feet. We'll lay out the BEACH BLANKET and I'll make a DAISY CHAIN for your hair while we feel the SUNSHINE (FLORAL) on our faces. Hey look! It's a PARTY WAVE! Quick catch up with those other SURFERS! You know what?! Let's stay until SUNSET (STRIPE) and make it feel like an ENDLESS SUMMER. 

First image shown represents a 12 inch swatch of fabric.

Fiber Content: 100% cotton
Fabric Type: cotton
Width: 44”
Designer: Lysa Flower
Collection: Goin' Surfin'
Product #: 120-24827