Liberty Fabrics x Bridgerton Posy Corsage A

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Created through the synthesis of a diverse range of botanical influences sourced from the Liberty archive, Posy Corsage channels Victorian-era style floral patterns. Its light and airy scattered rose, pink, and daisy posies evoke freshly picked blooms, inviting us on a tranquil journey across a garden filled with newly sprung flowers.

This print is part of the Regency Bouquet chapter of the Liberty Fabrics & Bridgerton collection. Abundant with vividly exuberant blooms, Regency Bouquet is a visual feast of floral grandeur. Inspired by the lavish costumes, formal soirées, and lively garden parties depicted in the Bridgerton series, these beautiful, curated bouquets are characterised by a sense of realism. Rich colour contrasts, careful brushwork, and the contrast of highlights and shadows turn the spotlight on show-stopping arrangements. Accentuated with voluminous petals for added dramatic sophistication, roses, carnations, anemones, poppies, lilies, delphinium, camellias, and tulips exude luxury and decadence.

We swoon for Liberty. The touch, design, color palettes and durability are unmatched. For more than 80 years, Liberty strikes the perfect balance of both soft and durable. 

Fiber Content: 100% Cotton Tana Lawn
Width: 54”
Product #: 036374405A