Pleating Services

We offer a wide variety of pleating services for all of your smocking needs!

We offer pleating services as described below. Custom orders can be made over the phone or in-store only. We have many pre-pleated items, such as our white 60" pleated inserts and pre-pleated garment kits available online. Additional pleating services can be made upon request.

Types of Pleating Services

Straight Yoke

Lee, Mary De, Jamie, Katina. Some patterns require multiple straight pleat sections.

$8 Each

Round Yoke

Bishop or Missy. Sleeves must be already sewn in.

$18 Each

Cut, Sew, Pleat

Bishop or Missy. We cut out the pattern, sew in the sleeves and pleat.

$45 Each

Please note, some fabrics are not suitable for pleating and are as follows. We cannot pleat linen or silk and we cannot guarantee 1/16" gingham lines to be on grain, often times there is a moire effect.


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