Learn to Sew: 4 Thimbles

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Take the guesswork out of sewing an heirloom garment. Susan shows you the techniques and supplies you need to build your one-of-a-kind garment that will become a family treasure. With our video, you can see even more clearly than in person how to attach entredeux to gathered lace or fabric, how to attach lace to lace and what are the proper supplies to use to achieve your look. Susan also presents several delicate finishing techniques that you will love adding to future projects.

This video is the 4th in a 4-part series that describes all the techniques you need to know when sewing Children's Corner patterns. 

Run Time: 1 hour 10 minutes
Teacher: Susan Whitman
Difficulty Rating: Expert - 4 Thimbles

In this lesson you’ll learn...

• Gathering the right supplies for an Heirloom project 
• Entredeux and lace techniques that can be layered to create a one-of-a-kind Heirloom project
• Pin tucks and shaow pin tucks for a delicate look
• Finishing techniques like a rolled hem by hand
• Shell stitched rolled hem
• Unique collar trims
• How to make a corded buttonhole that is both durable and beautiful
• Tiny hem technique with Ban-Rol

Printed PDF file included with purchase
2" Three-ring binder

Plastic page protectors
Sewing machine, manual, and presser feet
Basic Sewing Supplies
Fabric scraps for samples
Tensisters Piping Tool
Twin Needles
DMC Floss
Tiger Tape
Heirloom Essentials (Lace, Entredeux, lightweight thread, machine needles)
Petite Cording


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