Johnny Variations - Video Lesson

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Learn to make Johnny in 3 different variations in this expansive video lesson! These 3 variations cover a variety of skill levels and techniques. Learn to redraft to add your favorite embellishment, add just a bit of smocking and make some simple changes to make it perfect for your little girl. Find full descriptions for these looks below. Shirt construction not included in this lesson. We hope this inspires you to create the perfect Johnny for your little one. 

PatternJohnny (sold separately)
Run Time: 4 hours 31 minutes
Teacher: Susan Whitman
Difficulty Rating: See Descriptions Below

Johnny with Redrafted Top: When we think of a playsuit for boys, Johnny is the first pattern that comes to mind. With this adaptation, you will redraft the front to allow for a bodice without a center front seam allowing for a blank canvas for a monogram, appliqué or any embellishment. Anything you want to achieve is possible with the drafting lesson we walk you through to achieve this look.
Level of Difficulty: 2 Thimbles - Moderate

You'll Learn:

  • How to redraft the Johnny romper to create a bodice without a seam which is great for monogram or appliqué
  • Finishing techniques for the long pants inseam
  • Using the Snap Setter to install grippers perfectly each time
  • Adding a belt to the Johnny romper

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Johnny with Small Smocked Block: The pattern includes a view with a smocked insertion, however sometimes you just don’t have enough time to smock the full width of the romper. Or, if you are smocking a holiday-themed plate, it is nice to smock a small portion and finish the garment more quickly so your little one can enjoy wearing it the full holiday season.
Level of Difficulty: 4 Thimbles - Expert

You'll Learn:

  • How to redraft to add a small square of smocking to the Johnny romper, allowing you to finish a smocked garment much more quickly.
  • The techniques to make any variety of sizes of smocked insertions (adding or subtracting the number of pleats or the number of rows to be smocked)
  • Tying off a smocked insertion
  • Expertly sewing a smocked insertion into the Johnny romper
  • Sewing the leg edge with ease - "Taco Method"
  • Finishing the crotch on short Johnny pants with two different methods (with or without grippers)
  • Finishing techniques for Johnny long pants by adding a gripper strip

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Johnny for Girls: Johnny is such a versatile pattern. While it is the classic romper pattern for boys, we love to make it a bit more frilly and make for girls. Add a little Swiss edging to these "puffy pockets" and finish the legs with elastic to create a darling long romper.
Level of Difficulty: 1 Thimble - Easy

You'll Learn:

  • How to make a puffy pocket where she can hide her treasurers (pattern included)
  • Add a little Swiss edging to the pocket to create a delicate touch
  • Stitching an outside corner with piping

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