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When you think of classic sewing for children, an Heirloom dress always comes to mind. This project is ideal for your first Heirloom dress, especially if you are becoming more confident with these techniques. Susan creates a bodice with lace, Swiss insertion, and pintucks. Tiny featherstitching is also a part of the bodice, and Melissa teaches this hand embroidery technique. The puff sleeve is finished with lace beading and lace edging perfect for displaying a delicate silk ribbon. In addition to showing you how to make the dress, Susan walks you through the steps to redraft the Lee pattern for a slip to accompany this Heirloom dress.

Run Time: 2 hour 28 min
Teacher: Susan Whitman
Difficulty Rating: 4 Thimbles - Expert


Children’s Corner Lee (most recent printing, 2017) (sold separately)
Fabric – see chart for dress & slip requirements*
Lace Edging – see chart for requirements*
Swiss insertionsee chart for requirements*
Lace insertionsee chart for requirements*
Lace beadingsee chart for requirements*
Entredeuxsee chart for requirements*
Silk ribbon (1/8") – 2 yards
Buttons (3/8”) – 2 for dress, 2 for slip
Sewing Machine

Lightweight cotton thread (80w)
Fine line water erasable fabric marker
Spray starch/Best Press
Light weight solvy (for buttonholes)
*The chart is located in the product images. 

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In this lesson you'll learn:

  • How to plan an Heirloom dress
  • Basic description of fabrics and laces in traditional Heirloom sewing
  • Connecting lace to entredeux by machine
  • Gathering lace to entredeux
  • Expertly sew delicate pintucks
  • Hand-embroidery lesson for basic featherstitching
  • Sewing tips with Swiss Batiste
  • How to sew a flawless, continuous bound placket
  • Redrafting Lee pattern to create a yoke slip
  • Delicate hand-stitching techniques for a beautiful finish


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