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Antique Toddler Dresses

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The pattern "Antique Toddler Dresses" is fashioned after dresses worn in the early 1900's. These three different square yoke dresses have the appeal of a round yoke dress by adding a fabric ruffle or a Swiss eyelet ruffle around the yoke. Dress 1 is a reproduction of a dress in the Louisiana Stat University Clothing Collection. The yoke and hem are embellished with lace insertion and tucks, as are the ruffles on the hem and the yoke. Dress 2 features a yoke ruffle and a charming shadow embroidery design for the yoke and hem. Dress 3 has a lace insertion shaped along a curve which is bordered with lace edging. Feather stitch embroidery on the yoke and hem accent the dress. The short puffy sleeves in all of the views have Swiss beading and lace edging.  A slip with a ruffled hem is included in this pattern.    

Available Sizes: 1,2,3 included in one pattern.

Printing Type: Unested on Tissue